the road

the road

i'm obsessed with roads, and always have been. my first cross-country road trip was in 1975, Massachusetts to Bremerton Washington. my most recent was probably a month ago (a standing truth). i love driving, on roads. not daily traffic here in Los Angeles or anywhere else (though there are moments of joy to be had in even that). i'm consumed by the convergence of two things: driving on roads, and in cars that i have made (or highly modified). i'm more or less unconcerned with the distracting and pointless needs of captialist consumption; i like my driving relatively unmediated by so-called comfort. my current road car is open, no roof, no doors, and corellary distractions like cabin heat or sounds. road and me and machine.

most interesting driving is on rural roads, the openness of deserts and mountain roads. i have no fantasy of 'back to nature' nonsense; there is no place that is interesting and un-meddled with (never mind the obvious road to/through it). debris and abandonment contains it's own adventure, every ruin a world to visit.

there's a mini-industry of books for driving tours/sightseeing. the places are beautiful, but to me the point is the road itself. driven, roads are dynamic, not static. driving a machine on a road is not a screen onto the world, it is, or becomes the world. it may be possible to do that with a plastic car with the windows rolled up, 'cabin comfort' set to living-room and entertainment system on, but why bother in the first place?

some historic roads

a quick look at roads, as historic physical artifacts. gotta start somewhere. roads are state legacy. large successful and long-lived states build roads. just gotta accept that and move on. and state maintenance of roads means taxes. personally i'm fine with that because, of course, i love roads. (i also love clean water, etc, let's not go there.)

it should be no surprise that in the last 150 years road technology exploded in vastness. what's amusing to me is that they are still constructed as the Romans did; graded base, raised roadways (drainage) drains along the side (drainage) rough load-bearing base then a smoother top layer. Incans, before them a few millenia, appears to be the same design.

driving (tour) routes

Fool's Errand 2019

here is the Fool's Errand TT website, work in progress, contact me directly. i'm using Ride With GPS software to plot routes and do what-if's and non-physical exploration. here is my rideWithGPS profile which should allow linking to all my public maps. most are undocumented works in progress. so far it's been very helpful for plotting a two-day event, Fool's Errand, under calendar or events on my profile but shortcut here should be usable.

SoCal TT 2018

as an initial test of rideWithGPS i plotted the 2018 Fall SoCal TT routes.

Silver State Classic Challenge, May 2018

i volunteered to monitor a gate along highway 318 during the Silver State Classic Challenge, May 2018. i was curious how it was run, and consider(ed) running my roadster in the 100 mph class. still might.

places that aren't

everything's great until it's not. but this is better than correct. i think it's time to shut up and drive.

which way to Millinocket?

places that aren't anymore

CLUI projects on California highways

lovely photo essay on the southern-most stub of Highway 99 that straddles the Grapevine.

Highway 58 self-guided-tour

Through the Grapevine

LA's traffic infrastructure

pretty fault fold near Palmdale.

abandoned AFB/prison in Boron

various Youtube uploads

LeMons Hell on Wheels Rally 2016 reduced to one hour. starting in Monterey, the Sierras, Fallon, Ely, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Bakersfield, Central Valley, Santa Cruz, back to Monterey for "Car Weak". four days, some 1200 miles.

Camp Essex Army Airfield (30, 31 December 2009, in the '63 Rambler Classic wagon)

14 nov 2014, on I10E, E. of Blythe, heading to Tucson

beyond here lyeth dragons

raw road page notes from dangerousroads

rough list of roads probably worth driving.

Camp Essex Army airfield

still life with edsel

cockpit photos

Essex, CA


wabi tek sabi