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driving (tour) routes

Fool's Errand 2019

here is the Fool's Errand TT website, work in progress, contact me directly. i'm using Ride With GPS software to plot routes and do what-if's and non-physical exploration. here is my rideWithGPS profile which should allow linking to all my public maps. most are undocumented works in progress. so far it's been very helpful for plotting a two-day event, Fool's Errand, under calendar or events on my profile but shortcut here should be usable.

SoCal TT 2018

as an initial test of rideWithGPS i plotted the 2018 Fall SoCal TT routes.

places that aren't

everything's great until it's not. but this is better than correct. i think it's time to shut up and drive.

which way to Millinocket?

places that aren't anymore

CLUI projects on California highways

lovely photo essay on the southern-most stub of Highway 99 that straddles the Grapevine.

Highway 58 self-guided-tour

Through the Grapevine

LA's traffic infrastructure

pretty fault fold near Palmdale.

abandoned AFB/prison in Boron

various Youtube uploads

LeMons Hell on Wheels Rally 2016 reduced to one hour. starting in Monterey, the Sierras, Fallon, Ely, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Bakersfield, Central Valley, Santa Cruz, back to Monterey for "Car Weak". four days, some 1200 miles.

Camp Essex Army Airfield (30, 31 December 2009, in the '63 Rambler Classic wagon)

14 nov 2014, on I10E, E. of Blythe, heading to Tucson

beyond here lyeth dragons

raw road page notes from dangerousroads

rough list of roads probably worth driving.

Camp Essex Army airfield

still life with edsel

cockpit photos

Essex, CA


wabi tek sabi