solo and group trip photos

in the end, photos are the only evidence i bring home that a road trip was taken.

i've arranged the photos into two loose groups; group drives and solo trips. group drives are fairly straightforward; tours and rallies where i'm on the road with other people, all of us participating in a social drive. they're great and i'm doing every one that i can. solo trips are different in quality. sometimes i drive out and come back without much human contact, but most times i'm nominally going to visit someone(s) (eg. friends in Santa Fe) and so the focus of the trip varies.

josh and i have done a number of road trips together, one or two are below. one trip was an 11,000 mile loop around the US, in 1996. took us six weeks. San Francisco to Seattle, east through WA, ID, SD (Sturgis during bike week, pure coincidence), Dearborn MI to visit josh's family, then to MA to visit mine, then Atlanta (brother), Gulf Coast, New Orleans, Tucson?, Los Angeles then back to San Fran. all in the propane-powered Rambler wagon, zero breakdowns, one oil change. i suppose i should scan those photos.

but trips josh and i take are more family vacation than road trip as i'm presenting here, and so i'm not documenting those in the same way.

group drives

Fool's Errand 2019

i arranged the Fool's Errand TT tour/drive in June 2019 when another customary event didn't happen. it worked out pretty well. i'll probably do one again next year.

SoCal TT

Tad organizes the SoCal TT event, spring (two wheels) and fall (four wheels). sometimes vehicles with the wrong number of wheels participate. as an early test of Ride With GPS i plotted the 2018 Fall SoCal TT routes, visible here:

California Melee

the California Melee OMFGihadsomuchfun in 2018 damn right i'm going again if they'll have me. all that remains is this disorganized pile of photos. it's a three-day event, plus for me a day up and a day back.

24 Hours of LeMons Rally

the rally, not the track races (those are fun too). i drove the 24 Hours of LeMons Hell on Wheels Rally 2016 with David and Jim Forbes in their Edsel. here's a video ("Still life with Edsel") of the entire four day drive reduced to one hour. starting in Monterey, over the Sierras, to Fallon, Ely, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Bakersfield, Central Valley, Santa Cruz, back to Monterey for "Car Weak". four days, some 1200 miles. same as below, on youtube.

24 Hours of LeMons (race)

in May 2008 four of us raced our '93 Escort LX at Altamont. we had a blast.

miscelaneous group trips

SoCal TT, October 2017
Arizona, 2018, Chuck and Tina's drive to Grand Canyon Caverns
Mount Baldy, Jan 2019, an improptu new year's day drive with HAMBers

solo trips

some trips are more interesting than others, and some have stories within them, mundane or otherwise. i intend to expand on these.

the results of a desert dance party, aug 2018 that didn't work out as planned but ended up something interesting anyway.

a research trip to Essex Army Airfield, December 2009 in the '63 Rambler Classic wagon.

14 nov 2014, on I10E, E. of Blythe, heading to Tucson

"solo" trip photos

before 1997 i lived in San Francisco, 1998 and 1999 in Tucson AZ, from 2000 on in Los Angeles. as mentioned above, these aren't strictly solo-by-myself but i put them here for now.

Santa Fe, 2000, for Erika's TERRIBLE BEAUTY show opening. drive photos only, not much.
Los Alamos NM, 2000
Santa Fe, 2002
camping with Josh and Molly, Independence CA 2005
Panamint Valley, 2016
southwest road trip, Jun 2017, long trip through AZ and NM
Tucson, Mar 2017
Highway 39, sep 2018, to Falling Springs, up towards Angeles Crest Highway
Los Alamos CA (not NM), apr 2019, a "drive and tune" (carburetor) and scouting trip

the images below are from various road trips that i had pulled out (duplicates, probably, but not certainly) for some reason now forgotten. probably i just liked them better than the rest.