the road

a body that moves.

a source location.

a goal; an intended
destination of the body.

a route from the source 
to the goal.

when you move along a route 
from A towards B you will 
get closer to B.

while you travel from A to B
every location is on the route.  

from every location on the 
route A to B there is a route 
from your location to A
and from your location to B.

while you travel from A to B 
any deviation from the route 
remains on the route.

when you travel from A to B and
from B to C then you have
travelled from A to C.

when you travel a route to a location 
you have been at all previous locations 
on that route.

while you travel from A to B
every future location you might
travel is also on the route.

under construction

countless hours of close focus on navigating a precarious space half i made and half i cant control, awe-ful 360 immersive earth vistas, visible the 20,000 year joshua tree migrations windward down the valley.

Camp Essex Army airfield

still life with edsel

cockpit photos

Essex, CA


wabi tek sabi