the road

a body that moves.

your (source) place.

a destination.

a path from your place 
to the destination.

while you travel from A to B
every place is on the route.  

at every place on the path A to B 
there is a path 
from your place to A
and from your place to B.

while you travel from A to B 
any deviation from the path 
is still on the path.

where ever you go there you are.

under construction

countless hours of close focus on navigating a precarious space half i made and half i can't control, awe-ful 360 immersive earth vistas, visible the 20,000 year joshua tree migrations windward down the valley.

driving (tour) routes

SoCal TT 2018
proposed tours


SEGMENT Cuyama to Huasna (2.5 mi unpaved)

SEGMENT Santa Margarita Pozo loop(s)

SEGMENT Santa Ynez Happy Canyon loop

SEGMENT "shortcut" through Edwards AFB, bypass 395 from Kramer Jct

tom & josh road trip nov 2018

which way to Millinocket?

CLUI projects on "local" highways

lovely photo essay on the southern-most stub of Highway 99 that straddles the Grapevine.

Highway 58 self-guided-tour

Through the Grapevine

LA's traffic infrastructure

pretty fault fold near Palmdale.

abandoned AFB/prison in Boron

Camp Essex Army airfield

still life with edsel

cockpit photos

Essex, CA


wabi tek sabi