how i write fast code

this is a placeholder page for a fairly large writing and coding project tentatively titled fastCode. i've written a lot of very high performance Arduino code including four or five (depending on how you count) radio networking protocols that use a dirt-cheap 2.4GHz radio module.

all of my code uses a fairly straightforward, rigorous model of event loop programming. it's not exotic or difficult but i suspect it will be alien to many people.

i was compelled to write down, explain and reveal the underlying method and reasoning behind this technique, worked out over the last couple of decades, because each school year i found myself having to regress level by abstraction level to get even the most basic ideas of computer programming across to people who paradoxically have lived their entire lives with ubiquitous computing machinery yet are rarely given any insight whatsoever on how they work or even what they are capable of doing with them.