cooling system operation plots

some arbitrary plots of operation. the roadster datalogger outputs CSV files to a microSD card, i manually plot them via libre-office. hardly elegant. i plan on adding more, even non-flattering ones.

17 april 2018

65F ambient, dry. run from some 40 miles N up the I5 to home. recent changes were addition of DECEL OVERCOOL (O here) which seems fine, i fixed a bug whereby enthalpy correction was applied once per second instead of 10 Hz. i expect it to look better (it is) but you never know... i suspect my enthalpy multiplier is too large, so that TEMP rises i'm looking for the source of disregulation (TEMP) relative to one of the other vars. i suspect incorrect enthalpy.

40 mile run, couple thousand samples. BLUE: road speed MPH, my dynamomenter (sic). red: cylinder head temp. yellow: radiator outlet temp. brown: pump integrator. green: pump speed. dark green hovering near 0: decl overcool.

300 sample slice, typical ideal highway. temp varies 169..173. radiator especially steady, as is everything.

fairly typical pull off highway, then surface streets (glendale exit). the bumps in red (temp) wants gone. enthalpy (light blue) not visible/usable here.

the last quarter mile into the driveway. here the brown plot is enthalpy * 48, to emphasize the excursions and move it up on the plot. now it seems to indicate temp rise (red) tracks enth (brown). enthalpy is an open-loop correction. enthalpy and decel overcool are numerically small.