obsolete roadster electronics

january 2019

contact: it is as if @ protonmail dot com

snapshots, mostly, of previous electronics. the roadster has had six or seven instrument panels of all sorts, from minimal traditional gauges, minimal electronic solutions, full-tilt-boogie electronic with radio links, and many hybrids. all had headless chassis electronics and software to varying degrees.

version 1 iand 2 were a single computer (Mega 2560) with hand-wired peripherals that mostly ran the lighting and i think a couple sensors. the big silver panel with the pretty LEDs (Adafruit neopixels) was inherently multi-processor, and talked to what was now the chassis computer ("V2") via the new serial IPC scheme. (what's not clear, and it's kind of a shame, is that the little hand-held LCD/switch box was actually a full-scale instrument panel coupled to the chassis through a self-configuring radio like, aka Flock protocol documented elsewhere here. all instrumentation and controls were in the little battery-powered box; you could operate turn signals, start and stop the engine, etc. i removed all this with v4, i think, as there was too much delicate hand-wired electronics to be reliable.)

there's not a lot of detailed information here; WYSIWYG.

huh,i actually took some videos of the first all-electronic, "mood meter" panel operating. i drove on this for some months.

other photographs